On November 8th it’s the official Cappuccino Day.

The renowned Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a cappuccino as follows:

cappuccino, noun


espresso coffee topped with frothed hot milk or cream and often flavored with cinnamon

The name of the cappuccino, a wold-wide favourite when it comes to caffeinated drinks, comes from the Capuchin friars and refers to both, the colour of their habits and the fact that also the cappuccino is wearing a “hood” of frothed milk (“cappuccino”).

In the Viennese coffee house culture, a drink called “Kapuziner” exists since the 18th century. According to the original recipe, it was made from coffee, whipped cream and spices. The drink known nowadays as cappuccino was invented in Italy at the beginning of the 20th century, probably inspired by the Austrian recipe.

Since then it has spread worldwide and can be found in many coffee houses around the world, but please note: in Italy we only have Cappuccino for breakfast, never after lunch!

Two cappuccino. waiting to be served

The Rex-Tours team obviously “celebrated” accordingly. Today we all met for breakfast at the Pasticceria Forno Monteforte where we enjoyed lots of coffee, sweet brioche buns and pastries.

Cheers! 😉