The new e-bikes have arrived!

Last week a big and very important delivery arrived at the Rex-Tours headquarters: 8 brand-new e-bikes by the brand Winora.

We learned that e-bikes come flat-packed, Ikea-style. So our trusted mechanic Nario built them for us over the weekend.

Obviously, the team of Rex-Tours already tested the new electric bicycles and we are seriously excited. It has never been this easy to climb the seven hills of Rome!

One can distinguish two types of electronic bicycles:

Pedelecs (Pedal Electric Cycles) refers to bikes where the motor is regulated by pedalling. The pedal-assist augments the efforts of the user and the motor only works when actually pedalling at the same time.

Power-on-demand bikes allow their users to activate the electric motor also when not actively pedalling at the same time. The motor is usually activated by a switch on the handlebar, just like on motorcycles.

However, Rex-Tours chose the first type of e-bike. After all, we’re not a Scooter rental! 😉

the process of building the new e-bikes at the Rex-Tours shop

We are looking forward to using the e-bikes in the coming season!

Rex-Tours offers e-bike tours in Rome and on the Appian Way starting from spring 2019.

See you soon,

Your Rex-Tours team