There is an official pizza month!

You didn’t know? Don’t worry, neither did we!

October was proclaimed the official pizza month in the US in 1984 by Gerry Durnell, publisher of Pizza Today magazine, in order to promote local pizzerias. What a genius idea!

October is the official pizza month

Our favorite pizzerias

Here in Rome you don’t actually have to push the idea of eating pizza, but we still think it’s a brilliant excuse to let you in on the secret of our top 5 tried and tested Pizzerias in Rome:

  • Unchallenged in first place: Ai Balestrari. Already since 1862 pizza is baked here in a wood-fired oven, in the immediate vicinity of Campo de’Fiori. Just around the corner from the Rex-Tours office, many debriefs and company parties were held here. 🙂 The pizza is crispy and thin, just like a real Roman pizza should be!
  • If you prefer the slightly thicker Neapolitan pizza, you’re in good hands with Nerone in Trastevere. Traditionally, the pizza dough in Napoli contains more yeast, which makes the finished pizza airy and extra light. In the picturesque bohemian district of Trastevere with its narrow streets and historic palazzos, pizza tastes twice as nice!
  •  La Montecarlo, not far from Piazza Navona, is another institution amongst the Roman pizzerias. Father and son manage the place and personally make sure that the pizzas and traditional Roman starters such as Suppì, Olive ascolane or Fiori di zucca are served fast, hot and with a smile.
  • Less rustic, but just as delicious: Pizzeria Emma in the heart of the city. Even if the modern eatery does not suggest it at first glance, traditional recipes are cooked with heart and soul. The pizza is wafer thin and the tiramisu tastes as if an Italian nonna made it in person. Romans know that the pizza here is fabulous and word gets around fast – so it is essential to book a table.
  • Restaurant and pizzeria San Marco in the stylish district of Prati near the Vatican is dedicated to taste and the highest quality of ingredients. The restaurant is not only known for fine wines and dishes, but also for its delicious pizza. Even in this stylish atmosphere a simple Margherita is all you need!

Buon appetito and see you soon,

Your Rex-Tours team